The Pros and Cons of Foreclosures

The foreclosure property market has long intrigued home buyers as the idea of turning a bargain into beauty is quite enticing. The studied home buyer has a firm understanding of the advantages of buying a foreclosure that they can weigh against any disadvantages of a specific property. By understanding both the benefits and drawbacks, buyers new to the foreclosure market can ensure that the purchase aligns with their own goals.

What Are the Pros of Purchasing a Foreclosure?

Sale Pricing!

  • It’s quite normal to be attracted to prices that are lower than the norm and the real estate property market is no different. Finding a home at a discounted rate is exciting and often offers first-time buyers the ability to purchase on a beginner’s budget.
  • While foreclosures have a reputation for requiring a smaller investment, this number will still be relative to the neighborhoods within which they sit. Buyers should be aware of the comparative prices of the homes surrounding the one they might be most interested in.

Variety, Range, and Options:

  • Homes available on foreclosure tend to be spread across geographical areas. This is not the same as shopping for a home in one or two desirable neighborhoods. Because of this, there is a range of property types available such as townhouses, single-family homes, or condominiums.
  • With available homes found in different locations, prices will vary based on proximity to conveniences such as shopping or major highways.

Room to Move (Financially):

  • Homes listed as foreclosures are often sold directly by either banks or lenders. This gives buyers more room to negotiate as the “owner” is not depending on the sales income to shift forward to another home.
  • When dealing directly with banks or lenders, negotiations reach beyond the purchase price as finance terms and seller concessions come into the discussion.

Sweat Equity Matters!

  • When purchasing a foreclosure, buyers should be aware that they will have to invest time and resources into home improvements. This work is guaranteed to pay off in increasing the value of the home and, often, reap substantial rewards.
  • Resale value can be raised drastically with improvements to a home purchased via foreclosure and those improvements can be completed at the pace of the owner.

Passive Income Potential:

  • Foreclosure properties are often purchased to be transitioned into rental properties once any major issues are addressed.
  • Rental income is quite common as a source for building long-term wealth and consistent cash flow with little involvement beyond the initial renovations.
Of course, with the positives come the less enticing parts of purchasing a foreclosure. What are those cons?

As-Is Property:

  • Typically, foreclosures are sold “as-is,” meaning they do not come with warranties or guarantees.
  • Thorough inspections before purchase are critical to understand all potential repair costs and their priority. Potential buyers should not rely on their analysis to determine the extent of any damage.
  • An amazing purchase price will likely be just the beginning of the investment with a foreclosure. Buyers should include any immediate repair needs in their buying budget.

Securing Financing:

  • While there may be more room for negotiation on a foreclosure, lenders may stand firm on a higher down payment or stricter loan qualifications.
  • Closing periods may be shortened with a foreclosure property making it difficult to secure financing.

Surprise Liabilities:

  • Properties offered on foreclosure may have outstanding taxes or liens that will become the responsibility of the buyer upon purchase. To have all the details, a thorough title search is recommended when considering a foreclosure.

Time Slows!

  • As with all home projects, the length to completion (and cost) often grows beyond initial expectations.
  • The process to purchase can take longer, post offer-acceptance if legal issues or additional paperwork becomes necessary (such as addressing outstanding liens).

Emotional Distress:

  • Nobody wants to lose their home to foreclosure. It is important to consider the previous owners and the potential emotional distress they have experienced. There may have been an eviction or a need to move quickly that can have a trickle-down effect on the buyer.
  • Prepare to handle any such issues with patience and empathy but with the understanding that legal intervention may be necessary.
Buying a property via foreclosure can offer significant and exciting advantages. Pricing, the pride of renovation, and increased equity are just a few of the benefits. Of course, there are also cons but the pros often outweigh them at the finish line. By working with a seasoned team such as Hart & Olive, this market can be navigated with much more knowledge and endless support.
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