The Holistic Sale

Spring is around the corner, and the busiest real estate season is fast approaching!
Picture this: you are ready to sell your most significant investment and are getting a lot of calls from agents to hire them. Which one should you hire? As a real estate expert, I would love to share my insights. Aside from asking them about their expertise in the market, add three things you should look for while interviewing them.

1. Eye Contact

This is an essential aspect of confidence and building trust. You be the judge of how well they make eye contact with you.

2. Empathy

An empathetic agent is driven to problem solve and has strong negotiation skills. In addition, they have a good understanding of the situation and your needs during the process.

3. Boundaries

Set your expectations and boundaries from the first meeting and ask the agent to share them. If an agent does not have clear boundaries in a professional setting, they will struggle to fulfill your needs during the transaction.
Remember, you will be in a partnership with the agent for the duration of the transaction. Therefore, having a holistic sale will empower you during the process and allow the agent to truly take excellent care of you.

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